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Havit HY505 Headphone Holder Stand - Black | HY505

AED 64.00
In stock
  • Size 281*120*102mm
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Plastic Material Thickness: 3mm
  • Easy Assemble and Take Apart

Havit HY505 Headphone Holder Stand - Black | HY505


Introducing the HY505 Gaming Headphone Holder by HAVIT, a sleek and multifunctional accessory designed to enhance your gaming setup. Measuring 281mm in length, 120mm in width, and 102mm in height, this compact and stylish holder is perfect for keeping your gaming headphones organized and within easy reach.

Weighing just 455 grams, the HY505 is lightweight yet sturdy, ensuring your headphones are securely held without taking up too much space on your desk. Its efficient design operates within a working voltage range of 4.25V to 5.25V, providing reliable performance with minimal power consumption. The holder consumes a working current of no more than 80mA without the backlight and up to 150mA at its brightest backlight setting, allowing you to customize your gaming ambiance without compromising on energy efficiency.

The HY505 Gaming Headphone Holder is equipped with versatile connectivity options, including a 3.5mm interface and two USB 2.0 ports. These features enable you to easily connect your headphones and other peripherals, such as USB drives or additional accessories, ensuring a clutter-free and organized gaming environment.

With its thoughtful design and robust specifications, the HY505 Gaming Headphone Holder by HAVIT is the perfect addition to any gamer's setup, combining functionality, style, and convenience.