Elgato Wave DX Dynamic XLR Microphone | 10MAH9901

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The Elgato Wave DX Dynamic XLR Microphone features professional sounds with it's dynamic capsule technology, and a forgiving cardioid polar pattern allowing high quality audio even when speaking off axis. Working with any XLR interface, the Wave DX delivers crisp voice replication and the internal pop shield dramatically reduces plosive breath sounds, perfect for streamers and content creators alike.

Elgato Wave DX Dynamic XLR Microphone | 10MAH9901


Broadcast Ready
The finely tuned frequency response range reproduces precise vocals without coloration - perfect for sculpting your signature sound with effects and EQ.

True Performer
An optimised proximity effect lets you shape your voice naturally. The closer you get, the bigger the bass.

Smooth Talker
Crafted with acoustically engineered nylon fiber sandwiched between two layers of foam, the internal pop shield reduces plosive breath sounds.

Radically Clear
A dynamic microphone that picks up detail like a condenser? That's right. Wave DX captures lifelike lows and lucious highs while rejecting room noise. It's hard to find a mic that can do both.